Teamspeak 2 ASPNET Server Monitor

Teamspeak 2 ASPNET Server Monitor is an ASP.NET 2.0 user control/script developed to provide the ability for users running IIS to monitor Teamspeak channels and users from a webpage. This free software script written in .NET C# has been downloaded thousands of times since its release in 2006.


ts monitor Teamspeak 2 ASPNET Server Monitor

Below are some of the features this free software offers:

  • Simple integration – this script can be easily added to existing page with just a simple reference.
  • Easy configuration – users enter the basic Teamspeak server information on a single page code behind page.
  • Light footprint – no additional drivers or installs are required for this script to work.
  • Simple security – script does not write any temporary files or use any type of database system.

Please feel free to download Teamspeak ASPNET Server Monitor here.